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It has come to our attention, that there is a company out there calling itself All American Appliance Repair - this is not our company!

In fact, this company has gone so far as to copy much of our information on its website:

And when customers have called asking for "Bonnie" he indicates I'm out for the day!

All American Appliance Service Inc. has hired a law firm to handle this issue.

All American Appliance Service Inc. phones are always answered by a female voice, if you get a male voice on the phone you have the WRONG company.

All American Appliance Service Inc. has hired Roylance Abrams, Berdo & Goodmans law firm to address this issue as promtly as possible.

We are very concerned Our customers could confuse this company with ours, and are taking steps to make sure customers are not defrauded by a company that just started, does not have the same skill level nor dedication that All American Appliance Service Inc. insist upon with customer service.


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