Services : "Service in hours not days"

When you call All American Appliance Service Inc.
Expect something a little new.
We answer our phones, and are here to help you.

We understand most people are working just like us, and your appliance breaking down is just another thing on the long list of  things to do.

This is why we offer 3-hour service windows, so you don't  have to wait all day for the technician to show up.
We will call you on your cell or work 30 minutes ahead, or you can leave us a key.

All technicians and staff are bonded and background checks are ran to protect our customers safety.

Our service fee out to the home is $89.95 for the technician to determine the problem and provide you with an estimate, as well as a professional assessment of your appliance. If you go ahead with the repair the trip fee is waived. If a repair is not made, we only charge the  trip & diagnosis fee $89.95

Many companies will tell you what they "think" you want to hear, we PRIDE ourselves on the honest approach.

See our reviews on Angie's List, an independent company that rates (service providers) and see what customers have said about our service.
Also Checkbook in which we earned top marks for price and service.

Awarded: Best of Springfield 2015-2017-2019
Awarded: Small Business of the year in appliance repair 

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